3 Things You Should Know About Online Casinos

  • Online Casinos Have Two Main Types Of Player

Online casinos are designed for entertainment but they also cater for the more serious gamblers out there. Those who play for entertainment are probably more likely to win over the long term than those who play large stakes playing for profit. The larger bets do pay out overtime, however, the player may not be able to maintain their funds for that time. Smaller bets can pay considerably well (up to for example £150 for a 20p or 25p bet or £300 with a 50p bet) if lucky.

Those who are playing for entertainment are less likely to lose control then those playing for profit. Yet the rewards of high roller and VIP can be considerably more.

A few wins and beginners luck could give the player a sense of continual winning. This produces a potent chemical called dopamine, plus cortisol (the stress hormone). The effects of the two together, if a person plays over a longer period of time could have it’s own repercussions. Even beginners can become addicted or become too greedy quickly.

Yet, players who ARE able to stay in control could leave within a moderate amount of time and possibly withdraw some wins. They set loss limits, profit limits and don’t let the win go to their head. These types of players are the ones who often succeed.

(You probably shouldn’t gamble if you have any type of debt problem, serious issue or drink/drug problem).

  • Near Misses & Nudges The illusion

There’s nothing worse than having that could have had feeling. Anyone who has played slot games knows the feeling, “Well what if I had pressed the stop button?” or “What if I hadn’t pressed the stop button?” Often it is only an illusion and this is the way the slot has been designed.

There are times when a nudge could be handy, for example when starting a new game or new coin size, bonus symbols might appear or you might get the opportunity to re-trigger your bonus game.

Apart from that it is best to allow the game to play out, or you could potentially lose out on winning lines and bonus games. Jackpot wins can also be missed and you might see what could possibly be anti-cheating software. Now, while I’m not 100% that this is true, it does seem to be more difficult to nudge a winning line or bonus game. And I’d advise against nudging online slot games all together (my opinion only).

  • New Games Or Promotional Games

These are often near the top of the casino, are labelled or tabbed New. promotional games may offer cashback, double loyalty points or slot tournaments/cash prizes. As they’re promoted, they may well be worth checking out, alongside your usual games.

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